A DIGITIZED And Integrated

We have defined a new class of Enterprise IT Architecture for distributed applications, combining Ethereum blockchain and microservices.


Improved information flows and collaboration throughout the distribution chain

As the backbone for next-generation fund distribution, our architecture delivers highly secure and private environments for clients, responding to the challenges and high standards of the fund industry.

Secure and Private

FundsDLT’s blockchain platform offers an innovative approach to storing information, executing transactions, performing functions and establishing trust in a cooperative environment of all participants in the fund distribution chain.

Distributed Ledger Technology

Quorum combines the innovation of the public Ethereum community with enhancements to support enterprise needs. It adds privacy, strong permissions and high performance to Ethereum’s robust core.

Easy Access to Information

The distributed ledger nodes of FundsDLT are easily distributed. A complete catalogue of APIs have been developed based on market standards.

Reliable and Scalable

We have developed the platform to maximize network performance, while guaranteeing its scalability. We have a proven track record for building scalable infrastructures.


FundsDLT uses a private blockchain network with nodes distributed to All Actors

FundsDLT Private Blockchain Technology
Ethereum and Consensys Quorum logo

Ethereum-based Quorum blockchain with permissioned nodes


Interoperability with the ecosystem

FundsDLT has developed a range of industry-standard APIs specifically for the fund distribution chain, reducing complexity and enabling higher levels of integration and interoperability.

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